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The Compass Essential Plan is one of the extended warranty services administered by American Guardian. It is part of the Compass Family of Products, which provides exceptional warranty coverages for various types of vehicles.

Types of Coverage

There are three different levels of coverage within the Compass Essential Plan: basic, plus, and power plus. Each is available with either a 60 month / 100,000 mile term, or a 36 month / 50,000 mile term. The coverages for each are detailed below in the comparison grid.

Coverage Comparison

The grid below shows which items are covered by which package, under the Compass Essential Plan.


 BasicPlusPower Plus
Engine X X X
Transmission X X X
Drive Axle X X X
Taxes and Fluids X X X
Wear and Use X X X
Electrical   X X
Engine Cooling & Fuel   X X
Air Conditioning   X X
Brakes   X X
Steering   X X
Front & Rear Suspension   X X
Interior & Exterior   X X
Extended Drivetrain     X
Extended Electrical     X
Extended Engine Cooling & Fuel     X
Extended Air Conditioning     X
Extended Brakes     X
Extended Front & Rear Suspension     X

Optional Coverage

EXTENDED BRAKES: (Optional) All seals and gaskets for named components except when the cause of failure is the result of overheating, lack of lubrication or lack of required fluids.

Additional Benefits

All Compass Essential Packages include the following additional benefits:

Towing Assistance
If towing assistance becomes necessary due to the Breakdown of a covered component, towing Costs not payable by insurance will be covered for up to $100.00 per occurrence. You must contact Nation Safe Drivers prior to receiving towing assistance at 1-866-330-7623. Producer Code: 46547. Plan Letter "AB".

Rental Assistance:
In the event of a mechanical breakdown of a covered part, you will be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred for substitute transportation up to $35.00 per day, for five (5) days, not to exceed $175.00 per occurrence.

Reduced Deductible at the Selling Dealer:
When the Selling Dealer listed on the Information Page performs repairs to Your Vehicle, Your Standard Deductible will be reduced to $50.00 Per Component.

Agreement Transferability:
In the event that you sell the covered vehicle to another private party, you may apply for transfer of coverages to the new owner. Refer to the service agreement section titled terms and conditions for necessary procedures.


The Compass Essential Plan is administered exclusively by American Guardian Warranty Services, Inc., an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau.

More Information


With time and money you have invested in your vehicle with your manufacturer’s warranty, possibly an extended warranty like our Compass Protection Plan has miled out, you have made a great decision to continue the path of peace of mind and security with our Compass Essential Plan. We hope that you have chosen the plan that works best for you and we will strive to give you the service you need.


We believe that compass essential provides you with the essentials to provide peace of mind for your car in the years to come. With coverage on your powertrain and essential added components listed below it would be a mistake not to have Compass Essential Plan or one of our other plans on your vehicle.

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